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All of our 100% cotton t-shirts are made from organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown in a way that uses methods and materials that lessen the impact on our environment. A big effort in the organic movement is to use growing systems that replenish and maintain soil fertility and build biologically diverse agriculture. Organic cotton uses far less water too.


The main benefit of organic materials, however, is that the crops aren’t treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and Genetically Modified Organisms. These toxins are harmful to farmers and workers, us as consumers, and entire wildlife eco-systems. And yet, less than one percent of all cotton grown is organic. It is important to us that our organic products are affordable, and cost no more than any of our non-organic products because we want you to buy organic!

Axe Tee Mens

£20.00 Regular Price
£16.00Sale Price
  • S 36/38" M 38/40" L 41/43" XL 43/45" 2XL 46/47"