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The Glen Coe Skyline

Last weekend, on the 22nd of September, Summit Fit ambassador Chris Bunting took on one of the most demanding races on earth. We had a quick chat with him about how he found the event.

First off, why did you even want to take on the run?

I got into trail running a few years ago, and was drawn to the more technical aspects of running. I remember reading about the Glen Coe Skyline and the words 'one of the most technical races in the world' just jumped out at me, I knew I had to do it then!

Can anyone do it? Or do you need a volume of experience to take part?

It isn't possible for anyone to apply, you need a CV of running experience. I have previous rock climbing and mountain running experience, as well as this, I needed to provide a link to two specific races that I fulfilled a minimum criteria. On top of that, I needed to supply details of two scrambles I had completed,including information on the weather condition and the grade of the scramble, with links to apps like Strava to back-up all my claims. Then, after all of that, I needed to fill in pages of questions about my experience and why I felt I am capable. It was like applying for a job! But harder!

What training did you do on the run up to the event?

Well, this is where it got a bit interesting. I was running a length of the Welsh 3000s about six weeks earlier and I injured my ankle on a descent in the Glyderau. My training after that was a bit thinner on the ground than I had hoped, but I still managed to get a few long runs in to get some miles in the legs.

What were some of the biggest challenges during the run?

First off, getting there on time. I almost missed the start after losing track of time! Curved Ridge, a grade three scramble up Buachaille Etive Mor, worried me a bit, but it turned out to be an easier section as the slow moving traffic up the ridge meant plenty of opportunities to stop and catch my breath. The hardest bit had to be the last 10km descent. It was a steep, uneven, boggy ankle breaker, on very tired worn out legs.

So after all of that, when you crossed the finish line, how did you feel?

A mixed bag of emotions at first. I had hoped to complete it within 10 hours, so when I saw I hadn't I was a bit disappointed. It did take long, however, to start to realise what I had achieved, and I gave the run my all so I couldn't have really asked for more! I feel quite overwhelmed at completing what has been such a long term goal!

Chris wore the Antur Hoodie during his Run