How Corona Virus has effected us

How Corona Virus has effected us

As the effects of the Corona virus really started to take hold, it felt as though the ground was opening up beneath summitfit.

At first, the course. Our brand new shiny academy was starting to gain traction, but just like that, all courses were postponed. No sooner had welcome to the realisation there was nothing we could do with the academy, issues with our supplier meant our clothing and equipment store needed to close it's doors too.

After only 18 months of operating, it was easy to think that summitfits continuation may be thoroughly tested during this pandemic. This was, however, not the case. Every contingency available was quickly slapped into place, and the downtime meant two things; time with family, and time to dig into summitfit and make it even better for when this is all over.

My 1 year old son is a whirlwind, and being able to spend all this time with him has been beyond priceless. Sometimes slotting in some work on the summitfit website during nap times hasn't been easy, but, between myself and George, we did it.

Summitfit has a brand new website that's optimised for mobile. It works a lot like an app within your browser, which means you can book adventures or grab a hoodie on the move more easily than ever.

As well as a website re-vamp, I've added new guided treks to the website, included six different routes in North Wales. Our courses have expanded to include NNAS certified navigation courses, at beginner and intermediate level. We have created a 'Discover' range of courses, which includes our previously named 'Introduction to Scrambling', all of which are great for anyone looking for a taste of what it's like to get into the big mountains.

Possibly one of the most exciting additions is our new Himalayan mountain treks and expeditions. This already includes a selection of treks, including the immensely popular Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit, and summit expeditions, including Mera Peak.

About a decade ago (makes me feel old now!), I travelled to Nepal for the first time. It was here I met the extremely experienced, and award winning Sherpa and expedition coordinator Surya Gurung. Friends, or sathi, ever since we have finally implemented a long term goal of working together to offer tailored expeditions and treks in the Himalaya.

Finally our clothing line is now up and running, although it's important to note that the delivery times are a bit longer than normal at the moment due to Corona virus.

Thank you for your support during this difficult time. Your continued support, whether it's been liking on Instagram or postponing your course, has meant a lot to myself and my family.

Here is to what we are hoping will shape up to be an exciting second half of 2020 and many years to come!