Environmental Actions | Summitfit


Committing to protect the environments we explore.

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Our Responsibility

summitfit is a small team of travel enthusiasts. We have been exploring the mountains on foot for over 10 years. 


Because we love these exceptional territories, we are committed to protecting them and preserving them as we ourselves discovered them: in their most natural form. Unfortunately, climate change and pollution are a reality that has affected all areas of the globe, including not least the mountainous regions. Sensitive to environmental issues, we are aware that, through our activity, we have a significant role to play in the preservation of the mountains.

Offset Earth

Deforestation is responsible for about 11% of climate change. Protecting forests is a critical solution, as well, we work with Offset Earth who picks the best CO2 reduction projects with Gold Standard certification.

Every time you book a course or trip you help to plant up to 50 trees and remove up to 1 tonne of carbon emissions. On top of this, summitfit commits to planting 12 trees & removing 1.2 tonnes of carbon emissions every month for each employee.

Snowdonia Society

summitfit has been a member of the Snowdonia Society since it started, and we are proud to be working with a charity that helps to look after the mountains and valleys that we call home.

Since 1967 the Snowdonia Society has worked tirelessly to ensure that Snowdonia is well-protected, well-managed and enjoyed by all.

Himalayan Trust UK

With roots planted firmly in mountaineering – and the certain knowledge that few of us would have climbed the great Himalayan peaks without the loyal support of the region’s tough, courageous people - The Himalayan Trust UK has been working since 1989 to help the mountain people of Nepal.


They strive to improve the health and education in the mountainous regions of Northeastern Nepal, particularly in the Taplejung region. For each Himalayan booking, we make a small donation to the trust.