guided treks

Climb Snowdon

Trek to the highest point in Wales on this fully guided walk to the summit of Snowdon

1 Day


The Llangollen Round

Voyage through vast moorlands, dense forests and open mountain tops

2 Days

Vale of Llangollen

Discover The Carneddau

Leave the crowds behind on this circular trek through the Carneddau.

1 Day


The Glyderau Traverse

A linear trek across the rugged and rocky Glyderau

1 Day



Guided Treks in the UK

Immerse yourself in trips that will not only deliver you to the roof of the world, but include a rich cultural experience, all whilst working with the local Sherpas to ensure the expedition is a fantastic opportunity for both a trekker, and the local mountain communities.


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We offer trips in small groups (12 participants maximum, and on some trips as low as 4-5 participants).

These are resolutely natural trips: we use "authentic" accommodation specific to each destination. The comfort is simple but sufficient. All of our guides are highly qualified in their respective field and develop their skills annually with additional training. They are experts in the areas within which they operate.


The prices are adapted to our quality criteria. Departures are guaranteed with no minimum attendance requirements, at no extra cost. Therefore, there are no on-site unpleasant surprises with unforeseen expenses, our information & data updated regularly and everything is indicated.


Being a specialist in mountainous environments cannot be invented! So at Summitfit, we attach a very particular and fundamental importance to a principle: "we only speak well of what we know".

Each guide, leader & advisor is an expert in their destination at a minimum, applying their skills in real-world situations around the world. Passionate from the beginning, all of our experts come from the field. As we value this quality, our advisers regularly travel to the field to improve their knowledge.


Passionate about the wild and the mountains within in which we organise our trips, we constantly strive to have the most limited impact on these territories. Therefore, aware that the mountain areas are among the most impacted by climate change, and that, through our activity, we have a significant role to play in the preservation of these territories, we decided to compensate for the carbon emissions from our trips and adventures .

Thus, by travelling with summitfit, we will invest the necessary amount in a certified compensation project so that the emissions emitted by your adventure are cancelled elsewhere.

Our guides are also sensitised to the preservation of the environment and apply the principles of " Leave No Trace", aimed at recovering all the waste generated after each camp, lunch, bivouac, picnic ... and to avoid disturbing the surrounding flora and fauna as much as possible.